Toy Fair Reimagined

Toy Fair celebrates eighteen exhibitors and their stand-out exhibit design efforts!

For Toy Fair 2025, we are thrilled to announce that this will mark our second annual awards event. In 2023, Toy Fair featured the first annual Exhibit Reimagination Awards, and now, all exhibiting companies will once again have the opportunity to participate. Exhibits will be evaluated by a panel of media, tradeshow experts, and toy professionals, assessing them for aesthetics, functionality, and innovation from the perspective of an attendee navigating the Toy Fair show floor. There is no entry form to fill out and no entry fee to pay.

2023 Winners

Connection Award

An exhibit space whose entire atmosphere is united in design with the core product(s).

Out-of-the-Box Award

A creative, imaginative exhibit space that is innovative and outside the limits of conventional thinking.

Powerfully Playful Award

An exhibit space that conveys fun and liveliness to the attendee with interactive elements.

Warm Welcome Award

A visually hospitable exhibit that invites the attendee in.

Assessment Criteria

Judges will give an overall score to exhibits. Exhibits will be evaluated based on aesthetics, functionality, and innovation. More specifically, judges will be considering three themes when they give their overall ranking for the awards.

  • Creativity: Use of color, sound, light, innovative materials, and other creative elements
  • Hospitable Booth Design: Effectiveness in drawing in and engaging the attendee
  • Presentation: Delivering an impactful presence

A winner for each award will be selected for the following categories:

  • Linear Booths: Exhibit spaces that include 10x10’s and any exhibits that are 10 feet deep and positioned in a straight line.
  • Exhibits that include between 400 to 999 square feet
  • Exhibits that include between 1,000 to 1,999 square feet
  • Exhibits that are more than 2,000 square feet

Toy Fair Launch Pad Tabletops will also be in the running for the Powerfully Playful and Warm Welcome Awards!

Toy Fair Booth


All Toy Fair exhibiting companies in good standing are eligible for the Exhibit Design Awards. Please note that exhibitor-appointed contractors and other related vendors are not eligible.



Winners will be presented with special booth signage for display during Toy Fair and in their post-show marketing.  Winners will also receive a recognition onsite in the Press Center, on the Toy Fair Mobile App, in Toy Fair LinkedIn posts, a spotlight article in Toy News Tuesday, and recognition on the Toy Fair website for one year.



Additional details for the Exhibit Design Reimagination Awards will be available in 2024.