TRENDS: Top Tech Toy Innovations out of CES 2023

play-date-logoJanuary 10, 2023 | The latest, cutting-edge technology across multiple industries was on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, which took place last week from January 5 to 8. The Toy Association’s trends team looks at some of the tech trends spotted at the show and how they align with new toys coming down the pipeline that either debuted at CES or its related events:

Custom Experiences
From Samsung’s lineup of Bespoke customizable kitchen appliances to Amorepacific’s Cosmechip beauty device that creates individual batches of skincare, new product reveals at CES show that consumers are craving more personalized experiences than ever. Toy brands are also taking notice of kids’ desire to either create something unique or interact with products that will give them a one-of-a-kind experience.

WowWee’s Dog-E is a robot dog that provides a different play experience to everyone in the family depending on how they interact with it. The app-connected robot pup features lifelike movements, audio and touch sensors, and a tail that displays icons and messages to communicate. Kids can train the dog to learn their name, program movements, and teach it tricks, and each interaction will be based on how that individual has played with Dog-E up to that point. Dog-E is available now for pre-order and will be available in the fall.

Just Play is following up last holiday season’s handheld motion-controlled music mixer device with RUKUSfx Pro, a new version coming out this fall that will feature a suite of games and a new design for an improved user experience. Players will be able to edit and create their own songs using a Bluetooth app and make every performance stand out with sounds that stay on beat thanks to the integrated BeatSnap technology.

Digital Health
With a focus on home health hubs, CES 2023 brought more digital health innovations and brands to the global stage, showing how rapidly the market is growing. Innovations included digital therapeutics, mental wellness, women’s health tech, and telemedicine. For toys, be on the lookout for even more playthings that incorporate tech to help kids focus on self-care, good habits, and overall mental well-being.

Following the footsteps of Pawz, The Calming Pup — a toy that encourages self-awareness, self-management, and emotional management in kids — hand2mind introduced Luna, The Calming Kitty. This social-emotional learning product will teach deep breathing patterns, self-awareness, and how to manage thoughts and feelings. Luna will be available for purchase this summer.

Next-Generation Parenting
The days of parents pushing strollers may be over. Dozens of new products in the baby and kid space were on display at CES, including Glüxkind Technologies’ Ella smart stroller, which has self-driving capabilities as well as push and brake assistance, hands-free strolling, and a “Rock-My-Baby” mode. Quantum Music’s Q-bear baby monitor also uses AI technology to serve as a “crying baby translator.” While it may be a while until this level of AI finds its way into toys, several manufacturers are coming up with creative ways to offer educational experiences in the playroom — a win for both parents and kids.

Dubbed by Educational Insights as “a coder’s best friend,” kids will be able to program PYXEL’s tricks, emotions, lights, and sounds beginning this spring. Right out of the box, this robotic dog comes preloaded with six interactive codes that introduces the basics of coding, and from there, kids can build their own drag-and-drop sequences. As kids level up their programming skills, they can move on to more advanced coding languages.

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