Exhibitor Spotlight: KidDesigns — ‘Toy Fair™ is Essential for Growth’

toy-fair-kiddesigns-marcosMarch 10, 2023 | Toy News Tuesday editors caught up with Marcos Zalta, vice president of business and legal affairs at KidDesigns, to learn about the company’s plans for Toy Fair™ 2023 (September 30 to October 3), how to take advantage of the show’s new timeframe, and the importance of engaging with members of the media during the show.

What aspects of the reimagined Toy Fair are most appealing for your business?

We are very enthusiastic about the timing of the show for two reasons. Above all, it works much better in terms of meeting the retail buying decisions timeframes; holiday product planograms are usually decided a year in advance, so an October show is perfect. Additionally, leading right into holiday marketing, the show allows manufacturers a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the fabulous press coverage at the show to feature items hitting retail in the following weeks.

Can you speak to the importance of networking and relationship-building at Toy Fair?

Toy Fair is undoubtedly the most important opportunity to expand our retail and licensor relationships and network with developers and sales/distribution professionals. No other show provides the same breadth of talent and attendees from every aspect of the international toy trade. Toy Fair is essential for growth and new opportunities for anyone in the toy business.

How does KidDesigns plan to engage with buyers and media outlets at the show?

We typically arrange meetings with buyers and the press in advance of the show. However, one of the attractive benefits of Toy Fair is that inevitably a new buyer or press contact will visit and open new avenues for us to sell or feature our business.

What types of programs or events do you personally take advantage of during the show?

We always enjoy attending The Toy Association educational events, Circana’s (formerly The NPD Group) annual year in review, and simply walking the show to say hello to industry friends and colleagues.

What kind of marketing and promotional strategies does your company employ in the lead-up to Toy Fair?

We re-engage with key press and media outlets leading up to the show, introducing them to the new and exciting products that they are then able to view and get hands-on with at Toy Fair.

Toy Fair will take place September 30 to October 3 in New York City. Attendee registration will open this spring. Visit ToyFairNY.com to learn more.