Exhibitor Spotlight: Crazy Aaron’s — ‘Something for Everyone’ at Toy Fair™ 2023

toy-fair-crazy-aarons-logosFebruary 13, 2023 | Toy News Tuesday editors caught up with Aaron Muderick, founder & executive chairman of Crazy Aaron’s and chairperson of The Toy Association Board of Directors, to learn about the company’s plans for Toy Fair™ 2023 (September 30 to October 3), how to take advantage of the show’s many opportunities, and the advice he has for companies attending Toy Fair for the very first time.

What aspects of a “reimagined” Toy Fair held in Q4 are most appealing for your business?
Crazy Aaron's thrives on openness and discovery. The increase in open booth space thanks to the newly implemented visual merchandising initiative will create an environment more appealing to buyers looking to discover newness beyond their appointment calendar as well as manufacturers looking to gauge trends and keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Plus, in the new fall timing of the show, media walking the aisles will be able to show our stuff to consumers just in time for the holidays!

From the perspective of a small toy manufacturer, what do you get most out of Toy Fair?
It is both an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues (buyers and manufacturers) as well as forge new relationships. Companies small and large all know that the trip to New York bears fruit on the show floor and after hours during impromptu networking and social engagements.

What is Crazy Aaron’s planning on doing differently at the upcoming show versus years past?
We are celebrating our 25th year in 2023, so we'll have something extra special for the show. However, like most of our product releases, the details will have to remain secret until show day!

What types of programs or events do you personally take advantage of during the show?
I stay busy with a variety of official duties as current chair of The Toy Association’s Board of Directors, plus spending time at my booth alongside my team meeting specialty and mass-market buyers. Our finance team always attends the credit sessions. Our product designers cruise the halls and attend The Toy Association’s Creative Factor Inventor Day to meet with new designers and inventors. Our marketing team will be attending Toy Fair University sessions to learn about new ways of connecting with customers. There is something for everyone at Toy Fair!

As a Toy Fair veteran, what is one of the biggest pieces of advice you’d give to a new exhibitor?
If you've never been to Toy Fair before, take the opportunity to speak with The Toy Association staff and ask lots of questions. Ask for a reference of another exhibiting company where you can pick their brain for a few minutes. Take advantage of first-time exhibitor resources provided to you, such as your Toy Fair Tools, Toy Fair Exhibitor Academy sessions – live or on demand, and of course, the exhibitor kit which is rich in details and deadlines.

While we are all competitors, in a sense, there is a strong industry camaraderie. Everyone was new once and most people are open to passing along their personal tips.

One of my personal tips: You are going to spend a lot of time and resources attending Toy Fair. Make sure you put your best foot forward. I am a stickler for “eyes up and smiles on” to encourage people to enter our booth and begin a conversation. You want to present a welcoming vibe for new people to meet you. Every minute counts.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
We are so excited for Toy Fair's return. It is critical for our upcoming product sales, great for press opportunities, and amazing for networking.

Toy Fair will take place September 30 to October 3 in New York City. Attendee registration will open this spring. Visit ToyFairNY.com to learn more.