'Toy Fair Everywhere': New Details Revealed

toy-fair-everywhereApril 21, 2020 | The Toy Association is providing new information on pricing and virtual showrooms for its recently announced Toy Fair Everywhere series of virtual market weeks.

Leading up to the market weeks, The Toy Association will work with marketplace participants to understand and maximize the use of its Toy Fair Everywhere platform, allowing brands to craft experiences unique to each company − just as one prepares to participate in any event, setting goals and developing a message is important. Through its partnership with Balluun, the Toy Fair Everywhere platform will allow virtual showrooms to be customized and reinvented for each of the three market week events. And unlike in-person shows where floor space is limited, there are no limits on booth availability for these events.

“Toy Fair Everywhere is poised to help industry stakeholders refocus, retrench, and rebound to position their business for success in Q4,” said Marian Bossard, executive vice president of global market events at The Toy Association. “Recognizing the level of uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it, Toy Fair Everywhere seeks, to the best of its ability, to recreate the experiences that have long made Toy Fair live events memorable and valuable to stakeholders.”

Dates and Rates are as follows:

  • July 13 to 19
  • August 17 to 23
  • September 14 to 20

To participate in all three Toy Fair Everywhere market weeks: $650

To participate in two Toy Fair Everywhere market weeks (August and September only): $500

“With Toy Fair Everywhere, brands will have the opportunity to pick up the pace on conversations with their existing customers and reach out to all those prospects gathered at events in the early part of the year,” added Bossard. “It also provides the opportunity for manufacturers to easily connect with stores looking to fill shelves, notify them of product and shipping availability, and address any shortages that the current business environment may have created.”

The Toy Association plans to allow showrooms to begin opening on May 25. Demonstration sessions will be scheduled in the coming weeks to provide exhibitors with more information. Interested parties can contact Simon Yung (companies A-M) and Leigh Carleu (companies N-Z) to learn more.